The State of Things: Film Critics’ Day

Led by film critic and programmer Tara Judah, filmmaker and video essayist Charlie Lyne, critic Michael Pattison (MUBI Notebook), author and activist Sophie Mayer (Political Animals: The New Feminist Cinema), editor Dorothy Allen-Pickard (Another Gaze), activist and arts and culture writer Zahra Dalilah (Gal-dem) BFI Film Academy alumnus and writer Reba Martin (RIFE) and critic and programmer Sven de Hondt, The State of Things: Film Critics’ Day is a one day talent development workshop reflecting on cinephilia and criticism in the UK, and beyond. 

Meet the critics:

Tara JudahTara Judah is an Australian critic, broadcaster and programmer based in the UK. Director at 20th Century Flicks video shop, Curator and Online Editor for Cinema Rediscovered and Trustee on the Board of Directors at Curzon Cinema & Arts, Tara is passionate about cinema-going, and photochemical and repertory film. She is a regular contributor to Monocle24’s Cinema Show, Senses of Cinema and desistfilm.


Charlie Lyne

Charlie Lyne is a writer and filmmaker best known for the feature-length essay films Beyond Clueless and Fear Itself. He is also the director of a number of shorts and the ten-hour protest film Paint Drying. His work has screened at festivals including Sundance, SXSW and Rotterdam.


Sophie MayerSophie Mayer is the author of Political Animals: The New Feminist Cinema (IB Tauris, 2015), and a regular contributor to Sight & Sound, The F-Word and Literal. She works with queer feminist film curation collective Club des Femmes, and with parents’ and carers’ campaign Raising Films. @tr0ublemayer.


Michael PattisonMichael Pattison is a critic, programmer and filmmaker from Gateshead. His publications include MUBI Notebook and Sight & Sound, and he is currently undertaking a PhD in film practice at Newcastle University. Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, his project responds to questions of urban space, structural film and psychogeography.


Zahra DalilahZD is an activist and arts and culture writer for among other independent publications. As well as film reviews she writes on music, theatre and more, consistently exploiting the thin line between art and politics. Her activism manifests in many form from research projects on black fatherhood to London-wide campaigns for inequality. 



Dorothy is an award-winning filmmaker who lives and works in London. She is a member of Breach Theatre and is co-editor of Another Gaze. Her documentaries, fictional shorts and multimedia shows have won prizes including the Guardian Documentary Award and Total Theatre Award. She’s currently working on a short film for Channel 4’s Random Acts and a multimedia show commissioned by Penned in the Margins.



Reba Martin is a BFI Academy Alumnus, has written for Screen Queens and RIFE Magazine, worked as videographer for Nocturnal and is currently studying Film in Manchester. 


Sven pictureSven de Hondt is a film festival programmer, box office supervisor and occasional writer who has spent many years in the trenches of film journalism and film distribution. He started writing reviews for a myriad of on-line outlets at the age of 16 and moved into print journalism in 2010, writing for various Belgian magazines, specifically about travelling and film culture. After hitchhiking from Belgium to Sydney in 2014, Sven moved to Bristol and started working for Watershed and joined the programming team for the Bath film festival. He recently programmed a South Korean film season and is currently helping with the pre-selection for the Ghent film festival.


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