La Chinoise

To accompany our screening of La Chinoise ahead of its 50th Anniversary Blu-Ray re-issue (with thanks to Arrow Films), critic Jonathan Bygraves made this video essay. 

Slocombe at War

To say that cinematographer Douglas Slocombe (1913 -2016) had a varied film career would be a major understatement. Even from early on in his career, Slocombe’s adventures behind the camera would become the stuff of legends. So much so that an entire page of Sight & Sound (the Summer 1940 issue) was dedicated to his … More Slocombe at War

The State of Things: Film Critics’ Day

Led by film critic and programmer Tara Judah, filmmaker and video essayist Charlie Lyne, critic Michael Pattison (MUBI Notebook), author and activist Sophie Mayer (Political Animals: The New Feminist Cinema), editor Dorothy Allen-Pickard (Another Gaze), activist and arts and culture writer Zahra Dalilah (Gal-dem) BFI Film Academy alumnus and writer Reba Martin (RIFE) and critic and programmer Sven de Hondt, … More The State of Things: Film Critics’ Day