La Chinoise

To accompany our screening of La Chinoise ahead of its 50th Anniversary Blu-Ray re-issue (with thanks to Arrow Films), critic Jonathan Bygraves made this video essay. 

Slocombe at War

To say that cinematographer Douglas Slocombe (1913 -2016) had a varied film career would be a major understatement. Even from early on in his career, Slocombe’s adventures behind the camera would become the stuff of legends. So much so that an entire page of Sight & Sound (the Summer 1940 issue) was dedicated to his … More Slocombe at War

An honourable art

Much like film exhibition’s ever-raging debate over film vs digital, print vs online is the film writer’s conversation that, though it still has legs, is tired and should probably sit down. Earlier this month, Screen Daily published an article out of Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (KVIFF) sensationalising Leonard Maltin’s thoughts on the state of … More An honourable art